Discover Savings You Can Make During The Credit Crunch

July 3, 2015 @ 1:05 pm
by macintosh

We don’t need to be told about the credit crunch it’s around us as we go about our everyday lives. The shopping basket costs more to fill up,so does the car,together the other obligations like mortgage and utilities. The monthly pay check is still the same only now it has to stretch further,so how can we do this?

In this series of articles I will be touching on a new topic each week with the intention of providing ideas and advice to enable your limited resources to stretch out further. This weeks topic will be dealing with reducing your outings on mobile phones or landlines. One way of doing this is through your broadband connection using Skype. With a Skype phone you can talk for free with other Skype users.

For this you will need a headset or microphone plugged in to your computer. Skype phones are also available which plug-in directly to your computer using a USB connection. Also available are Skype cordless phones which can call mobiles or landlines. For this you don’t need a computer. The phone plugs into your broadband connection through a modem,router or switch. You can then choose to make your call through Skype or landline.

Skype monthly and pay as you go services are available. The Skype phone is not regarded as a replacement for your landline service as it does not offer emergency service calls. Other options worth considering if you don’t have broadband or a fixed phone line,are wireless connections. Dongles offer mobile broadband connectivity using the latest 3G and 4G technology. The dongle plugs into the USB port of your computer.

Also available are Micro-Sim cards for iPad or tablets giving you mobile broadband on the go.Suppliers charge between £15 and £20 monthly, most provide a free modem. Be aware of  the monthly allowance on 3GB and 4G if you go over this allowance extra charges apply dependent on the provider.

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