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Can Wealthy Affiliate Compare with iPRO Partners

Can Wealthy Affiliate Compare with iPRO Partners

November 5, 2015 @ 8:49 pm
by macintosh

The concept of comparing Wealthy Affiliate with iPro Partners is the same as comparing apples with oranges.

Affiliate marketing as defined by Wikipedia  quote  “affiliate a type of performance -based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.”

That in itself defines what iPRO Partners is all about.

The marketing effort you provide can be in various forms such as :

  • email marketing
  • banner ads
  • solo adssales funnel
  • video
  • forums
  • facebook

The traffic you provide is then funelled through the iPro system resulting in you earning commissions at various parts of the funnel when the customer makes a purchase.

All the funnels ,email follow ups,and a dedicated phone support team is all taken care of by iPRO.

Imagine the cost implications if you were to provide this exact same level of back-up and support.

The only requirement from you is driving the traffic to the offer page.This is set out in such a way that the conversion rate is about 2-3% one of the best in the industry.

The products  offer commissions of 90% ranging from $20 up to $2500,$5000 and above with new products in development.

That defines to me the meaning of Wealthy Affiliate.

It is possible of course to be an affiliate of Clickbank,JVZoo and many others but commissions of $20,$30,$50 will require an awful lot of sales to make you wealthy.When you take into account the effort you put in driving customers to Clickbank and JVZoo is the same as driving customers to iPRO.The only difference is that you can receive commissions of 90% on $2500,$5000 and above.

The question is if you wish to become a wealthy affiliate,which is the best option.

Only one answer to that question, iPRO!

Not only that but you will receive all the help support and training you need to become successful.

Wealthy Affiliate as I understand will provide you with your own website blog,hosting and training to develop your own online business.Most of your time will be spent writing content for your blog in whichever specific niche you choose.Over time as you continue to write content and post you hope to eventually develop a rapport with your readers.That is if your content is both compelling and interesting to the reader.Somewhere down the line you will be able to monetize your website to provide you with some form of income.

Compare that to iPRO and i am sure you can only come to one conclusion who is the Wealthy Affiliate.


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