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About Us

From a small town in North Yorkshire I started off as a motor mechanic but quickly became dis-allusioned with the work and conditions.
Especially since my workmate was going on about signing up to join the Royal Navy and the adventures he would be on.
That was it I followed suit a few months later and started my own career on the Grey Funnel Line.
As an electrical engineer I have had a few career changes since leaving the forces working in the Middle East for a number of years.
Returning and eventually after a few other jobs ended up in the newspaper printing industry.
OK I could pause for effect and go along the route I ended up broke with endless debit on my credit cards and struggled for survival.
But no we all struggle when life gets in the way and get on with it.It doesn’t mean we have had it easy but we don’t want the world to know.

My journey along the internet highway has been long and varied with many de-tours and dead ends.
When venturing into the unknown many mistakes can be made both costly and time consuming.
The journey for me began about 10 years ago when I attended a seminar about the opportunities in internet marketing.
After walking away with some licensed programs and software and leaving behind at the time a considerable sum,I set off.
I could see the future spreading out before me.
Little did I know at the time the constant learning curve and time consuming effort required to make your first steps.
As the quote”A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”